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Digital Solutions

We focus on 3 ways to enable digital insurance distribution.

Digital Solutions


API solutions are perfect for high volume platforms where an insurance product can solve an issue for the platform or its customers but not detract from the platform's core business. Ideally added into the cart or check-out flow, API's make taking out insurance very simple without adjusting your current business.

There are 2 ways to position the insurance to customers:

1) Embedded Value-Add: The business pays for the premium of all insured products/services. This is either taken from the business's existing margin or the margin is increased to cover the premiums.

2) Customer Buy-Up: The customer opts-in for the insurance and pays the premium if they wish to take the insurance.

API solutions generally require more time to solve than whitelabelled and affiliate solutions but once integrated, they scale in conjunction with your business at little to no additional expense past the initial development time.

Digital Solutions

Our Whitelabels:

Digital Solutions

Affiliate network

Our whitelabels are product brands that we own or have partnered with well-known brands to whitelabel an insurer's product.

What we look for in a whitelabel affiliate:

- Does the product support or enhance your core business offering (does it makes sense to direct your customers to it?).

- Can you direct customers to the whitelabel without having to pay for marketing?

- Are you committed to growing the book? 

How we enable you to become an affiliate:

- We tokenize the whitelabel URL and you embed the link on your website/newsletter/social media.

- We market the brand for brand and product awareness (brands we own).

- We have an inbound support team for customer queries.

- We handle any claims.

- We track the token and share in the commission of completed sales.

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