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Digital Insurance & Distribution Solutions

Specialist digital broker enabling B2B2C insurance distribution.
What we do:

We provide your business with an additional revenue stream by enabling you to distribute relevant insurance products to your customers without becoming a FSP or handling claims.

Digital Solutions

3 ways we enable distribution:

Ideal for platform businesses and e-commerce websites with high transaction volumes.

We source a product which solves a unique problem for you or your customers and embed it in your checkout flow or fee.



Ideal for products that require underwriting questions not suited to an embedded API.

We create a website that connects a click-to-buy insurance product. We do have the option to whitelabel some products.


Ideal for stores that sell complimentary products for our whitelabel websites.

We generate a unique affiliate link for the whitelabel which you refer your customers to from your website.

Digital Support

How we support distribution:

Solutions Scoping

We consult with you on how insurance can benefit your offering to customers or solve a problem you are experiencing

Product Sourcing

Once we have identified the insurance solution, we source the product from an insurer and see the best way to integrate.

Marketing & Compliance

We advise on the disclosures needed to be compliant. We also assist on marketing and optimising the traffic.

Inbound Support

Don't stress about client queries. We set up a unique support line for your channel and handle all insurance queries.

Inbound Support.png

Claims Handling

Don't stress about claims. Our team is the link between the customer and insurer and facilitates the claim process.

Claims Handling.png
Solutions scoping.png
Product Sourcing.png
Digital Solutions

Our Whitelabels:

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