Our Services


Surestart Online Financial Services has successfully project managed across the digital insurance value chain. This includes Insurer's, UMA's, FSP's, Collections, Compliance, Distribution, UX and Marketing.

With our experience we have proven ourselves in being able to source E-commerce distribution platforms for Insurer's / UMA's and to source products for E-commerce platforms that would like to provide insurance without the complexities that come with registering a FSP and complaince monitoring.




Gone are the days of having to sit across a coffee table with a stranger to buy insurance.

As a technology enabled FSP, we will always look to scale with technology but will never undervalue the human touch. We believe in making insurance products cheaper, more accessible and more transparent by leveraging the power of technology.

We have successfully provided Long-Term and Short-Term insurance products that are click-to-buy without underwriting.



Marketing &


When marketing insurance, it's important to always comply with the relevant legislation - specifically PPR (Policy Protection Rules).

When launching a new product we train and assist clients in making sure all the marketing material complies with the rules. We also assist in analysing the marketing messaging to get a higher conversion rate.



We are a team of insurance and marketing professionals, not a development house. With that said, we've become very fluent in tech talk and can communicate well with development partners who can convert our requests into code.

We understand API's, websites, the collections process and the compliance around insurance. We leave the development to professionals but direct them on the specific project.




The insurance industry is one of the most regulated environment's in South Africa and is often the barrier to entry for most great opportunities.

We understand the complexities of compliance and take these off our clients hands. Whether it involves registering a company as a juristic representative, assisting on marketing material or training staff on telephone tracks to refer clients back to our call center, we ensure that your business does not get bogged-down with compliance problems.