Our Story

Founded in 2016 as the distribution partner of the Briisk Instant Transaction Platform, SureStart has become a market leader in implementing, and consulting end-to-end on, the entire value chain of click-to-buy insurance in South Africa in its own right.

Surestart is well positioned to tackle the problems traditionally experienced in the insurance industry by using tech-enabled solutions that:

- Provide complete transparency.

- Allow a client to self-onboard instead of being sold to.

- Reduce manual errors and time delays.

- Reduce the cost of products.

- Increase the accessibility of products.

After successful implementation of projects ranging from Travel Insurance to Drone Insurance, SureStart acquired CompareGuru, a leading comparison site and online marketplace, from Silvertree Holdings in 2019. The online distribution synergy between the two companies provides an unparalleled value chain for distributing insurance digitally in the South African market.

With learning from the local market, Surestart has its eyes on international expansion into emerging markets where the advantages of digital insurance distribution are fully utilized.